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Зарубежные новости

Про ядерное оружие штатов. Официально закопан завод по производству МОХ топлива, который был задуман для выполнения обязательств по договору с РФ по варварской порче 34т оружейного плутония, который амы лишь делали вид что соблюдали. Но не это новость, а вот что.

Акт 1: заведомо невыполнимый план.
"I can confirm that the Department is committed to removing plutonium from South Carolina intended to be disposed of in the MOX facility. We are currently processing plutonium in South Carolina for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) and intend to continue to do so."

Акт 2: заведомый план Б.
"Perry said the DOE will work with authorities in New Mexico "to address the capacity issues related to the receipt of the full 34 tonnes at WIPP". The DOE is also "exploring whether any of the plutonium currently in South Carolina can be moved elsewhere for programmatic uses", he added. A joint statement issued the same day by Ellen Lord, under secretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, and Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, DOE under secretary and NNSA administrator, said: "An evolving and uncertain geopolitical landscape calls for the United States to recapitalise its defence plutonium capabilities." They propose the MFFF be repurposed for the production of plutonium pits, the core of nuclear weapons."

Вывод простой: этот плутоний вернётся в оружие. Вот это новость.
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