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150 лет стабильности

1. Средняя цена за год на амовскую нефть с 1861 по 2012, выраженная в баррелях за унцию золота.

Среднее значение 18.92, медианное 18.33.

2. Облако из 128 наиболее частых слов в записке от госдепа Полу Волкеру в 1974 на тему внутреннего документа под названием "Золото и денежная система: потенциальный конфликт штатов и ЕС". This is a paper which we prepared for Secretary Kissinger giving some of our views on the gold question.

Золото, штаты и Европа: "U.S. objectives for the world monetary system—a durable, stable system, with the SDR as a strong reserve asset at its center—are incompatible with a continued important role for gold as a reserve asset. These objectives are in apparent conflict with the EC desire to facilitate the use of gold in international transactions. There is a belief among certain Europeans that a higher price of gold for settlement purposes would facilitate financing of oil imports, although the argument depends on assumptions regarding producers' attitude towards gold as an asset which may not be valid. Adamant U.S. insistence on maintaining the present fixed official price is likely to create international conflict with the EC, and may also lead to unilateral EC arrangements which would defeat our aims for the system. (...) Pressures are building within the EC for settlement of intra-EC balances with gold valued at the market price... Any redefinition of the role of gold must be based on the principle stated above: that SDR must become the center of the system and that there can be no question of introducing a new form of gold– paper and gold–metal bimetallism, in which the SDR and gold would be in competition (...) Despite these differences among member countries, the EC position has begun to coalesce around their desire to free gold for use in settling intra-EC debts."

Золото, нефть и арабы: "The recent oil price increases have added a new dimension to the gold issue... it would be useful if the oil producers would invest some of their excess revenues in gold purchases from deficit EC countries... From the Arab point of view such an asset would have the advantages of being protected from exchange-rate changes and inflation, and subject to absolute national control."
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